Thursday, March 28, 2013

KILLER HEELS: Sexy, Glamourous, Hazardous...

Hi Dolls,

This entry, rina dedicate to all HEELS LOVER out there...I just want to share the TRUE FACT with u ols WOMEN!!

Heels especially KILLER HEELS are so sexy, so glamour yet so hazardous...

Well, we especially women often described high heels as shoes to DIE for. Heels like must HAVE in every women closet. Most of women out there wore heels to show their femininity, confidence, independence as well as sexuality.

However, prolonged use of high heels can lead to a lot of foot problems in the future. Apart from blisters, calluses and squashed toes, many women have developed bunions, pains in the back and knee.

According to expert, in more serious cases, the tightening of the Achilles tendon (connection between the heel and lower calf muscle), making it very painful when they walk or run.

Shopping tips for shoes:
  • Evening is the best time for you to shop because your feet expanded to their full size
  • Make sure that your feet and toes should not be squeezed together
  • Walk around the store to determine whether your feet are well supported and the shoe fits well
  • Make sure that your feet do not have any red marks when the shoe is removed. That may indicate the shoe does not fit right
  • It's normal to have one foot slightly larger than the other

If you simply can't live without high heels, please look for those with wide toe rooms and cushioned in soles.Understand that your feet needs a break from time to time. Please don't compromise on comfort and safety.

Enjoy!! See u guys with more updates...

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